Offset print
    This process enables to print the designs with gradual colors that make it difficult for customers to provide accurate artworks. Also for designs which the other printing methods cannot be handle. It is also great for printing pictures, paintings, lithography…etc. The normal materials are bronze, stainless steel, a clear epoxy dome is applied to protect the printed colors. Offset print is the fastest for RUSH.

Process: Offset Print
Material: Brass/Stainless Steel/Aluminium
Color Reference: C.M.Y.K
Standard Thickness: 0.8mm(can be increased according to customer’s requirement)
Plating: None
Epoxy Coating: With

1. If you need a higher resolution than 175 lines, please let us know. Wish a small surcharge, we will provide you a much clearer and brighter offset pin.
2. Epoxy Coating must be applied to make a transparent dome for protecting inks. Thinner and thicker coatings are added according to customer’s requirements.

For Best Result:
1. Artworks provided by customer must be in prefect condition.
2. It is necessary to indicate the color required for the surrounding rim. Standard option: Metal color, white color, other required colors and print to edges.
3. The colors are based on actual colors of the original artwork of files in C.M.Y.K. color format and a minimum resolution of 500dpi.

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